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SmartSchool Education

Every child is different. This is evinced more by the fact that each child can grasp a particular subject better than the other. For example, a child who is good in English might not necessarily be quite as good in Mathematics. Techzanite – SmartSchool Education aims to ensure that every child can perfect his/her skills in all aspects of every topic and subject. Learning that comprises 2D/3D animated videos, as per the Tanzanian curriculum and self-assessment platform, will enable children to score higher grades and also grasp every topic in depth. Children who cram notes without understanding them properly tend to forget theories, and this leads to lower grades. With SmartSchool, however, every student gets an opportunity to learn and master the theories that can be applied to real-life situations and achieve outstanding results in exams. In addition, ExamMaster will help evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson by allowing the child to take an unlimited number of tests, which ultimately will help improve grades. Moreover, SmartSchool Studio gives every user a platform to get information on any topic with both brief and detailed explanations. Students can use SmartSchool Studio to research any topic or subject. Learning has never been so easy.


We have an extensive interactive content that promotes better learning and understanding. With 3D/2D Animations, interactive games and coupled with robust Assessment software makes learning fun

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Product features
  • 50,000 + e-Learning Modules
  • 15,000+ development hours
  • 100+ subject matter experts
  • Crafted according to the Tanzanian curriculum
  • Most comprehensive education digital Content in Tanzania
  • Unlimited practice questions and progressive results

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