31 Dec

5 Tips on New Year Resolution for Young Minds That’ll Keep You Up at Right

As the New Year 2019 is approaching, the holiday spirit has already powered us up with happiness, joy, excitement and retrospection. This is the time most of us will think of making New Year resolution, having in mind a fruitful and prosperous year ahead. But most of us have failed to upkeep our past years resolution beyond even the very first month. So, does that mean we don’t make New Year Resolution this year?

Let’s see how to ensure we follow our New Year Resolution to the longest possible. We have some nice and short tips, which we can all follow :

Lets See How:

1.     Make your list

Well, first of all make a list of lifestyle changes, or goals you want to chase or achieve. Ensure they are genuinely your own choice and not picked up because your friend have them in their list. It can be any thing like: I want a better result than my friend this year, or I want to study better this year, I want to be a good boy / girl this year or even that I want to lose a bit of weight this year. It can be anything to your hearts desire.

2.     Prioritize your list

Now lets, prioritize the long list. Which one of these do you think is most important to you? Which one you are unhappy without? Prioritization will help us to pass through when we are about to give up. A long list will not help us in reaching anywhere, instead if we can prioritize and choose only the top 2/ 3 in the list – that can help us to chase them longer.

3.     Breakdown each item to their action items

Well, now is the most important step of breaking down each item in the list to their respective action items to achieve them. Such as:

If your goal is to be a Smarter Student in 2019, your action items can be:

  1. Study minimum for 2 hours after school every day
  2. Use a Smart Educational Tool like SmartSchool for better results
  3. Practice what is learnt

4.     Prioritize again

Now, we have actual action items to do, Lets pick the first few and make them part of our New Year Resolution Action Items.

Where there is a will there is a way !

This should always ring in our mind, when we feel – how can I manage to do it today?

5.     Losing Track is not a crime

Lets, accept that if we miss out to perform any of our resolution items, we still will not give up. Instead we will arise, awake and shine better again the next day.


All we need to assure, is that we keep the spirit awake. End of December 2019, you should hold a success party to yourself just because you made it to the last day. Your strong will and determination is nothing less than Magic!

Now lets get started and Good luck to all with the Resolution List!

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