23 Nov

Benefits of Digital Learning For Today’s Students

Ages ago when we went to school, all we had to carry were a book and a pen. Our concept of the universe was the science teacher’s drawing which consisted of white circular lines with round circles which stood for orbits and the planets. The blackboard was the “black space” and we stared at the board with wide eyes in fascination. However, one of the challenges we faced was remembering all the concepts our books fed us as we scribbled notes from the board and many at times it would lead to forgetting few or many of those concepts. None the less, just to ensure that we don’t fail in exams we kept on cramming all the concepts and notes without understanding it.
Years later, when technology started entering our lives and videos could be searched on different channels like youtube.com is when I realized that planets don’t look like the white circles drawn by the science teacher and space… wow.. Space looks beautiful with innumerous stars twinkling like little diamonds. It does not resemble the classroom blackboard drawing at all. I got the complete picture of the universe many years after I had finished my schooling.
Digital learning is facilitated by technology. This means that a student can learn via the laptop or PC or tablet at any location.. One of the most impactful ways of digital learning is through audio visual methods where a student can hear and visualize every concept.
Some benefits of digital learning through audio visual methods include;
– Students can remember up to 90% of what they learn. They happily wave goodbye to cramming and forgetting.
– Deep understanding of every topic. A student might be excellent in language but when it comes to science they can drain their last nerve to understand just that one topic the being taught. Through audio visual learning a student can not only visualize the concept but can grasp the idea thoroughly. .
– Digital learning is not constrained to a classroom. A student can learn while being at home in their comfort zone at their own pace which brings in much more flexibility than any other form of learning.
– For younger students, parents can monitor their child’s pattern of learning and assist them to further grasp difficult concepts which will lead them to achieving higher grades.
The child can now visualize what they have learnt and what’s better than that? Thinking back I have never been able to visualize majority of the topics I studied then. Looking back, I remember the science teacher’s white circular drawing of planets and believe that the present generation needs more exposure and not the same old traditional method of chalk and board, learning considering the tough competition the generation today has to face. It will definitely enhance their understanding and help them build a better future.