19 Nov

Children and Their Dream Careers

We had a dream! Our Kids have them too !!!
I want to be a doctor
I want to be a teacher
I want to be a writer
I want to be an astronaut

Every child has a dream to become something or the other in their career. However, not all are fortunate enough to live their dream. One of the reasons is the high expectations we as parents set on our kids. We  love our kids the most in this world. We live and earn for them, their health, happiness and for their bright future.

We all have dreams of seeing our children successful in life. We dream to see them as teachers/ doctors / engineers etc. but at times why do we forget that they too have dreams to make their life big but in their own way. They might want be a singer or a writer.

We are better experienced of the world, the economy, the cost of living and much more But I believe we might not necessarily understand what makes them happy or what they dream to become.

We want to see our child excel and master a particular profession. It makes us happy to see that our kid has that qualification. My mother always had a dream to see me as a   doctor. Unfortunately, my love was business and I enjoyed it more than dissecting insects and seeing all the blood.

As parents we feel that we can make a better decision for  our children. A child’s tender age gives us an impression that the kid is unable to make their own career decision. This however is not true.  An eighteen to nineteen years old teenager is fully grown adult. They have been in school for years and have understood their strengths in every subject. They know what they love and they also have a dream.

It is not a must for a child of two doctors to be a doctor. That child can be a musician or a writer. People have different interests and one will always excel by doing the thing he or she likes.

You can be an astronaut and earn thousands of dollars per month but if it does not make you happy when you wake up early in the morning then it is not worth it. We need to realize as parents that their child will wake up whole of his life groaning while going to work.

We  need to give their children a chance of making their own decision. We learn through mistakes. It is necessary for the child to measure their strengths and weakness.  That is when they will be able to follow their passion and become successful.

Therefore, as parents we should definitely consider our children’s perspective and passion before making a career choice for them. Considering the strengths of our children and respecting their talent is one way of building a stronger career path.