27 Feb

Getting Students To Participate In Class

Every student is different in their own way. Some students love to answer questions and are always eager to participate. However, some are shy and quiet. They do not like engaging actively in class but have good potential.


Below are a few ways to help students be comfortable enough to respond to questions or participate more:


  1. Give students a minute or two to think and formulate a response.In case they cannot find an answer then do not shout or make fun of them. This may cut their self -esteem.


  1. Group students for discussion. Break students into small groups to discuss the answer, it will cause them the shy ones to open up with their peers.


  1. Make your students comfortable. This can be done by arriving early to class and chatting to students informally. Greet students by name as they enter the class.  Stand at the door at the end of class and say goodbye to students by name.  This helps them feel more comfortable; they are more likely to take the risk of contributing in a class in which they are comfortable.


  1. Inform them before choosing them to actively participate. Calling them suddenly, will keep them nervous and they will not be able to participate fully. Inform them so that they are prepared. This will increase their confidence.


  1. Build a positive relation with all you students. Make an effort to know all their names and talk to them after class. You can talk about the challenges they face and help them after class with their work so they can have more comfort with you.


It is important for teachers to build their students in all areas including confidence to participate in class. After parents, teachers are the strongest aspirations for children.