18 Nov

How Education Influences a Good Life Style

I always heard my askari saying to his son, “soma mwanangu utapata maisha mazuri.” This literally means, “study well my son, you will have a good life.”

Education can be defined in many ways but for me it is a blessing in form of knowledge and certification. I am educated is the strongest statement one can make. The ability to read, write and talk sensibly is a gift. It fills you with knowledge and increases your thinking capabilities.

Education will improve your life in many ways and will help you get a better job and a better standard of living.  It will definitely enable a person to earn better and that is a key factor of having good education. Some also go ahead to start their own businesses. But irrespective of the career you choose, its education that enables you to prosper in the chosen line.

A well educated person will think smart and be active and will be respected in the society.

Education will make your child confident. Your child will be able to understand situations around him and talk to other people without feeling shy. They will be able to understand the market, stock exchange, how to bank their money and many more. They will be able to walk shoulder to shoulder with the world and do all their work without asking for any support from anyone.

Education is a gift that will never end and never cease to support you and help you. Someone can steal from you a wallet full of money, your mobile or even your car. But no one can steal your education and qualification or the lessons you learnt. It will always make you independent anywhere in the world and help you earn back the wealth you have always only dreamt. It is true – “ELIMU NI MALI”. Education is wealth.