20 Nov

How To Prepare For Examinations

We all want to score excellent marks in our exams and tests. One of the key reasons of attending school is to understand a subject so well that you can score high in your exams.

Sometimes students tend to get low marks even after studying a lot. This happens because they are not fully prepared for it.

We are providing some quick tips for preparing well for your exams.

–  Make a study time table and try your best to follow it efficiently.

– Spending a few hours daily to revise topics learnt in class. Instead of studying all subjects together and taking high pressure of completing all chapters.

– Take more practice tests. For instance with Smartschool Tanzania exam Master Application , you can take unlimited number of tests and check your progress report instantly. Student can exactly identify which area to focus on more and prepare better.

– Spend more time to understand the concept instead of cramming up notes. Better understanding will help you remember and write better for your exams.

– Monitor time spent in answering questions. Subjects like mathematics are time consuming. Better practice can improve your speed and help you to excel in your exams. Your practice sessions will help you recollect your formulas and concepts better and make a fast jet in your exam hall.

– Take necessary breaks. Our brain gets tired too. Therefore, it is important to take short breaks to keep your mind and brain fresh so that you can concentrate better and continue your studies without getting bored or tired.

– Finish what’s difficult first so that you don’t take unnecessary pressure of your tough when exams are near.

– Using effective study materials which can help you understand better.

We wish you good luck for your exams. May you come out with flying colors.