21 Nov

How Using The Internet Affects Children

Internet is the one of the most effective research tools. Students all over the world seek help of the internet to submit their assignments, complete home works and learn more on different subjects.


Search engines like Google.com, Bing.com and Yahoo.com are on the fingertips of the generation today. As a parent, there are many times I have searched on cooking recipes, stories for children online and many more. One thing I realized is that not everything you search on the internet is safe. You can open a website and an ad box pops up on condoms or while clicking on another link you will be directed to another page with a beautiful model standing and talking about anorexia or Bulimia. This is something I would never want my young daughter or son to see at their tender age.


I value the internet and its academic importance; however as parents we need to be more cautious in allowing our children to freely use the internet. There are many drawbacks for children using the internet freely such as;


  1. High engagement in social media platforms. We live in the era where everyone is connected with the world and have an “online social identity.” Children want to fit in their friends’ circle which leads them to spend longer time onethe internet tweeting, using Facebook or taking selfies for snap chat. This also distracts them from studies and leads them to poor academic performance.
  2. Internet has a lot of relevant and irrelevant information. Everything your child finds online need not be relevant to school or academics.
  3. Students can easily get distracted by other web links and end up reading or viewing a completely different video on a topic they were not even assigned for.
  4. Pornography is everywhere on the internet. As much as we want to hide it from our children, fact is that it is unavoidable. The internet is crawling with these adult inappropriate pop up ads, web links like those tiny red ants. A child undergoing adolescence can easily get carried away.
  5. Children spend more time playing online games than spending time with family or playing outdoor sports. I still recall those times when all children in the neighborhood used to gather around and play “Esta” – a famous Tanzanian game played by kids. Small boxes are drawn on the floor and a stone is thrown on the boxes. Wherever the stone landed, we had to jump with one leg until we reach it.
  6. Internet is very addicting. Children tend to neglect their studies and other major commitments to watch online videos. Youtube.com is an application where children watch all kinds of videos for free.
  7. Children log into chat rooms and take total strangers to be their friends . These days it is easier to create a fake profile and chat randomly. This can be dangerous. The other person can be a male with a female profile, or even a kidnapper with the face of a pen pal. A lot of serious caution is necessary for our young naïve kids.

Therefore, it is vital for parents to find a child friendly research platform for their children. This will help them search relevant information, complete their assignments/ homework and also view entertainment and educational videos without getting carried away by other things. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Techzanite Smart School has introduced Smart School Studio application for students to research on the internet and also obtain good entertainment while being online. The application is a safe research platform where the student will only get relevant information as per their age group.

Help them search and grow but keep them safe and secure!