24 Feb

How Can Kids Train Their Brain To Be Faster And Remember More?

Our brains are constantly changing. And our kids have daily activities that influence on how their brains are developing. For instance; watching a lot of television will create negative growth and spending time learning a new thing will create positive growth.

So how can kids train their brains to learn faster and remember more?

Work on their memory (Brain workouts); just as our body benefits from physical exercise, the brain benefits from mental workouts as well. Benefits of brain exercise include better memory and mood, faster thinking, better vision and hearing, quicker reaction time, and feelings of increased focus, motivation and productivity.

Learn something new; Never stop learning. Albert Einstein said “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”  This is very true, when you stop learning some parts of your brain starts to wither away. Getting new information and learning develops the brain, keeping it active and triggering better performance.

Learn with SmartSchool; SmartSchool Tanzania comes in three platforms DVD, flash disk and Tablets. It has 2D/3D educational videos as per the Tanzanian curriculum which helps students to learn better and decreases chances of forgetting. Students understand topics deeply and it makes them smarter.

Work your body; exercise doesn’t only work your body, but improves the fitness of your brain too. Kids need to exercise and make sure they are engaging in physical activities. This help processing and memory function. As the level of alertness will increase as you exercise and you will learn faster

Eat right; Food like Fish, fruits and vegetables help our brain to function efficiently. Our children need to have healthy foods although they might prefer having junk foods like burger and chips more. We have to develop a culture in our children to eat foods that is good for their health.

Keep Your Brain Hydrated; it isn’t just what you eat that affects your memory, it’s also what and how much you drink. Sodas and sugary juices might taste yummy but they are bad for health. Water is the best liquid for the human brain. Drinking water makes it diluted and healthy for efficient functioning all the time.

Our brain plays a significant role in our growth and we need to make sure our children are using all the correct methods to keep their mind active and developing.