Standard – 3
  • Mathematics Mathematics
  • English English
  • Science and technology Science and technology
  • Computer Computer
Standard – 3

Building on a base is as important as building a base. By the time a child enters Standard 3, he/she has started to understand and relate to basic theories of life, language, and numbers. The child knows how to read, write, and count. Now, in Standard 3, the child will learn advanced theories and concepts. Parents might find it challenging to ensure that the child understands and relates to what is being taught. SmartSchool Tutor’s animated videos ensure that students get to visualize the concepts and understand them thoroughly.


  • Rich Animation
  • Comprehensive
  • Interactive
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  • Charles Meshack The kids are learning very well with the SmartSchool software. It is encouraging to see That their understanding of the subjects is real improving.
  • Mama Salah Salah is using it well. My boy is now enjoying learning and I am delighted to see that as a parent. He easily picks the videos and we are all happy to see his improvement through the exam master report cards.
  • Mr. Sudi The product is very good and I’m very much satisfied. I can see my kids like to learn using SmartSchool, I’ll certainly buy again for next year.
  • Mr Malangwe I’m very happy with the product and it is very useful, I’ve twins and now they are sharing one Laptop.
  • Mohammed Ismail SmartSchool videos are great! The lessons seems to be easier and my daughter is able to understand even the toughest concept easily and she remembers it very well. Now she is doing much better in her studies.