Research & Development

SmartSchool is an investment and a dream of Techzanite to help the children of Tanzania to excel in their studies through digital educational content and become competitive in today’s highly demanding world.

  • Create extremely high-quality video-based educational modules.
  • Be the largest repository of video-based educational modules in Tanzania.

Over the years, we have created a library of exquisite animations with immense dedication and continuous research. SmartSchool’s Content Library covers four major subjects—Science, Mathematics, English, and ICT with Digital Education Products..—for all classes from primary to secondary levels, specifically for the Tanzanian curriculum.

The unmatched feature of Techzanite SmartSchool Tutor—that makes it the best educational supplement—is the large number of stunning 2D and 3D animated videos on all the major subjects. In addition, SmartSchool also proudly showcases (where suitable) worksheets, practice tests, and a self-assessment platform with unlimited number of tests and progress reports.


The project SmartSchool Tutor has come into existence all thanks to the team who supported and contributed every bit of what it is today!

The Techzanite SmartSchool Team consists of:

  1. Subject Matter Experts: They are experts in various subjects—teachers, professors, or lecturers specializing in a particular subject. Most members of this group have a Masters or Ph.D. in their specific stream. They identify the best methodology for teaching a particular topic. They also assist in creating animations in the most engaging manner and reviewing the same to ensure accuracy. The SmartSchool team consists of over 100 subject matter experts from all around the globe.
  2. Animators/Design Experts: They are typically creative designers, specialists in 2D/3D video creation, editing/special effects etc. These designers work closely with the subject matter experts to make rich audio-visual material. They make stunning videos like cartoons and movies that children would love and enjoy!
  3. Technical Team: The technical team consists of specialists who convert the videos into easily installable applications, which can then run in hundreds and thousands of homes across the country. This team consists of technical experts with software development experience and latest  Digital Education Products.
  4. Well Wishers and Supporters: They are the friends and family of the core working team and all those who sincerely want the project to work and be part of every household so that all Tanzanian kids excel in education and build a better tomorrow!

We thank the entire team of Techzanite SmartSchool for their never ending support and wishes.


Project Inspiration: Every subject is fascinating and interesting in its own way!

A mathematician would say “mathematics is everywhere.” A physicist would wonder at the marvel of Physics. Our aim is to make every subject more interesting and understandable, thus converting education into an interesting journey.

“ Education is not a way to escape poverty, it is a way of fighting it. ”
-Mwalimu Julius Nyerere
Father of the Nation