20 Mar

Say “No” To Copying In Exam – Learn how to prepare for the Exam

Many students have their clever ways of sneaking answers into an exam room. Many have used water bottle or pen labels to hide their notes for answers. While they may seem like an easy way out, these methods are not recommended, as they constitute as an immediate disqualification. Teachers can do a better exam preparation to keep students away from copying in exams.

You can avoid cheating in your classroom using these simple steps;

  1. Use appropriate updated teaching techniques; For example, Introduce Smart School Tanzania. SmartSchool Tanzania has 2D/3D animated videos covering 4 major subjects and their concepts. This minimizes cheating crises. The student will instead enjoy studying all the time, grasp the concepts very fast and remember easily. This is to say if kids put half of the time they are figuring out how to cheat into studying, there’d be a lot more “A” students in the world.
  2. Establish Test Policies; Make rules and remind student that cheating in any examination is considered as serious offence. Students are not permitted to have in their possession any unauthorized materials during examination.
  3. Use multiple versions of the exam; Have 4 different versions of the exam papers. They can have the same questions in a different order.You can now make the students with different versions of the exam sit next to each other.
  4. Watch the students carefully during testing; Do not leave the classroom during an active test. You may think your students are honest but once you walk out of that exam room leaving them alone they can manipulate the test. The room can now turn into discussion groups within seconds.
  5. Give tests that require short essay responses; Make them frame their answers. Copying becomes easier when you give a short answer test for example, tests with true/false, fill-in-the-blank, or multiple-choice questions. Short essays or explanations will demand student’s understanding that differs from one to another.


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