11 Nov

Science and Technology

  • Investigation of things that are in the Environment
    • Group of Living Things
    • Photosynthesis
    • Reproduction in Animals and Plants
    • Interdependence Between Living Things in the Environment
    • Adaptation of Living things to their Environment
  • Various Types of Energy and their Uses
    • Convex and Concave Lenses
    • Series and Parallel Electrical Circuits
    • Magnetic Principles
    • Properties of Light
  • Identification of Scientific and Technological Theories
    • Changes in Matter
    • Forces cause changes in Matter
    • Physical and Chemical changes
  • Application of Information and Communication Technology
    • Concept of Computer
    • Precautions using a Computer
    • Use a Computer word process programs
    • Computer Games Program
  • Management of Science Related Skills
    • Identify Simple Machines
    • Effort, Load and Fulcrum on a Lever
    • Activities on Simple Machines
  • Science Related Practical’s
    • Experiments on Heat Energy
    • Experiments on Concave and Convex Mirror
    • Experiments on Bending of Light Energy
  • Principles of Healthcare and Environment
    • Cleanliness of Body and Garments
    • First Aid
    • Identify Health Principles
    • Behaviour which Help to Maintain Health
  • Systems in the Human Body – Excretory System
    • Excretory System in the Human Body
    • Lifestyles Problems in the Excretory System