06 Feb

How To Tackle Peer Pressure In School

How to tackle peer pressure in school

Have you ever wanted to fit in a friend’s circle? All your friends have a new hairstyle and you also want to get it because you want them to like you and it looks cool too. This is a serious problem. We need to understand that we all have our own opinion which needs to be valued. It is fine to say NO to our friends. At this point, many of us will be wondering the consequences of acting different than our friends. What if they bully you? What if you have no one to hang out with during lunch break?

Always remember that it is better to be alone for a while than get influenced in a wrong circle. Making friends is pleasant and we enjoy their company. However, we cannot keep friends who force us to do things against our will.

Below are some to tackle peer pressure in school:

  1. Understand the importance of education: When you feel pressured by your friends to do something that will negatively affect your studies. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Remember that studying is the main purpose of going to school.


  1. Be brave and refuse to engage in activities that are against school rules. You can remind your friends about the penalties of breaking rules. For instance, “…. But hey if we are caught bunking class we will get suspended for 2 days!.”



  1. Distance yourself: When your friends are planning to do something which you don’t want to participate in. Walk Away. Go sit in the other chair.


  1. Participate in extra-curricular activities: This will give you an opportunity to meet different people and make better friends.

Peer pressure is an issue that many students face in school. By following the steps suggested it will be easier to win over this situation. Also it is important to include parents and talk to them about every single thing that happens in school. They can help us and solve every problem.

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