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31 Dec

5 Tips on New Year Resolution for Young Minds That’ll Keep You Up at Right

As the New Year 2019 is approaching, the holiday spirit has already powered us up with happiness, joy, excitement and retrospection. This is the time most of us will think of making New Year resolution, having in mind a fruitful and prosperous year ahead. But most of us have failed to upkeep our ...
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20 Mar

Say “No” To Copying In Exam – Learn how to prepare for the Exam

Many students have their clever ways of sneaking answers into an exam room. Many have used water bottle or pen labels to hide their notes for answers. While they may seem like an easy way out, these methods are not recommended, as they constitute as an immediate disqualification. Teachers can do ...
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15 Feb

Ways To Enhance Your Learning Experience

As you have probably noticed we all learn in different ways. Some of us learn well by working in groups, discussing and sharing ideas. Others learn better by listening music or reading silently in the library. One of the best ways to enjoy and understanding concepts is by watching educational vid...
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